Charlie Thompson

I graduated in 1999
from a small high school in a
town south of Stillwater.

I started working in my grandfather's grocery store and on my grandparent's farm in Lincoln county. I played football, and was also in the band 
throughout my high school years.  
After that...

        Having grown up in rural Oklahoma working
on my parents dairy farm and working in their 

small-town grocery and gas station, I 
graduated high school, moved to Stillwater, and enrolled at Oklahoma State University in 1970.  

         I married my high school sweetheart in 
1973 and after graduating from OSU in 1974 with a bachelor's degree in English, moved to OKC and began attending Oklahoma City University School of Law.  After three years attending class during the day and janitoring at night, and six months more preparing for the bar exam, I was licensed in 1977.  

         My first job was at a general practice law firm in south OKC for three years, until I joined
an oil and gas firm where I spent five years writing oil and gas title opinions, examining land and mineral ownership records, and preparing documents used in the oil industry.  

          In 1983 I started my own firm in OKC 
where I stayed until 1990 when I moved to divide my practice between Lincoln, Logan, and Payne counties, and other counties as needed, as well as the U.S. Banks Court in OKC. I keep offices
in Chandler, Guthrie, and Stillwater for the convenience of my clients, and generally 
conduct my business.